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Cipriani Downtown Restaurant

Cipriani is a NYC staple. You have to go and I recommend the downtown location because it is quite a scene. Lined up outside the restaurant are chauffeured BMWs, Escalades, Range Rovers, etc. As you can tell by the cars, the people who eat here are high powered and fashionable like P.R. guru Lizzy Grubeman. On warm days the high French doors are opened and you can sit facing the street with a cool breeze swaying lazily while you eat. I highly recommended the sea scallops with curry sauce ($34.50 plus tax) and they always have delicious pastas. Cipriani is famous for its decadent Bellini. Although we are not quiet old enough, to have an alcoholic Bellini order a virgin one. This beautifully decorated airy space, along with the famous people who patron it, and the delicious food makes Cipriani a top restaurant on any persons list.

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