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Yura On Madison

This is such a local hang. This is where tons of teens form nearby schools eat. Many parents and teens come to eat at the small circular marble tables. Their food is fresh, there are large portions, and a large selection. They have great before school breakfasts, which include favorites like oatmeal, salmon on baguette, bagels with assorted toppings, croissants, and chocolate croissants. Their lunches include favorites like chicken fingers, soups, salads, boxed lunches (perfect for picnics in the Central Park), cookies, and pinwheel sandwiches. Lots of teens come out form school to eat lunch here and after school it is packed with eager students wanting snakes. There are also great prepared dinners. Come here if you want to see NYC teens and have great food.

Web site:
Yura & Company – on Madison Avenue

  • : Yura On Madison, Madison Avenue, New York, NY, United States