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Fafi: She’s Got it!

Today graffiti is an artistic style, both respected and learned. And don’t think that NYC is the hometown of graffiti, no, there is a new graffiti tigress on the block and she’s a Parisian.

Truth is, she isn’t that new. Fafi is the name of the game. She was born and raised in Toulouse, France where her outrageous female cartoons were first noticed in 1994. Her color palette is wild and just as blazing as Rainbow Brite.

Fafi has created a new species of female cartoons. Her little spitfires are voluptuous and full of attitude.

Once her work was noticed she continued to spread the paint all around the world: Europe, USA, Japan, and China. She takes with her a team of graffitists called, Fafinettes!

It’s a Fafi world out there. Her recent work can be seen in the designs for LeSportSac, Adidas, Coca-Cola, numerous fashion magazines, and the new Mark Ronson music video; where she created a Fafi-ed Lily Allen character that seems to be a play off of the seductress, Jessica Rabbit.

More importantly, Fafi is giving power to the women.

Do! Do! Do! by Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister directed by Fafi & Yué Wu, produced by DIVISION

Web site:
Fafi’s Web Site