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Hi I’m Blaise Miller. Because my school is an international online academy, I get to travel around the world with my family. I’ve seen so many places, and I’m excited to share fun trip ideas. One of my favorite souvenirs is to get a charm to remember each place I’ve been. I’ve put mine on a necklace.

In Hong Kong, a great day is taking the San Francisco-style tram up to the Peak Tower. The Tower has everything from cool new electronics to The Madam Trusso’s Wax Museum. Be sure and pay the small extra fee to visit the sky terrace. It has amazing 360 views of the entire island. The Italian restaurant in the Peak Tower has awesome french fries and oven fired pizza. If you’re like me, it was great to have a little non-Chinese food. For dinner, you should go to the beautiful historic Peak Lookout Restaurant across the street to get a great steak or seafood. You shouldn’t miss the IFC International Mall for great shopping. This amazing tower is so big and modern. It has many wonderful restaurants and shops, including a famous place for Peking duck-The Lei Garden. When I had dinner there, we sat next to the Chinese “Brittney Spears.”

Another tip is for visiting Paris. Of course, you’re going to want the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. To make your trip even more memorable, book tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line. It makes all the difference. And when you are planning your vacation, make sure to get reservations for the restaurant Jules Verne, inside of the Eiffel Tower. Not only do you get to eat a beautiful lunch with a great view, you also get to take a private elevator up to the observation deck.

I love sharing tips that can help make your trip more awesome!

Looking forward to many more…coming up…my 1st hand advice on how to survive an earthquake…

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