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Report From Morocco: Saad Merzak

Saad Merzak
Hometown: Paris, France

As a Parisian of Moroccan heritage, every year I travel in Morocco. I have déja visited several cities such as Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Tangier, Oujda and Saidia. The last city is the one where I own a house. I like very much this city because it is small and because all people know each other for a very long time. Year after year, the city attracts more tourists.

From July till September, people go to the beach during the day and to “Sok” a kind of market where we find everything. Then at night, people go to the Boulevard. There are a lot of cafes and merry-go-rounds. It is very lively! There are also some nightclubs where we can get in for 200 dirhams (20 Dollars). In any case, it is a very beautiful city Saidia. Google it and I know you will like it!